They like me, they really like me!



I need more time for me.

I don't get to spend a lot of time and take care of myself and do the things that I want to do for myself. I spend so much time taking care of everyone and everything else, while working and going to school, that I tend to come last a lot of times. I want to really get healthy, I want to cook healthy meals, but how am I or anyone else supposed to do that when they leave the house at 845 am and get home for the day at 10 pm. Hell I am lucky if I can have a dinner at home (cooked or ordered) once a week. I need to do some soul searching when it comes to my career path too. I am so busy that I don't ever get to have a clear head to think about it and what really makes me happy.

today was a prime example. I was so concerned that Christopher had the copies of his Demo CD to give to people today that I totally forgot that I wanted to bring save the dates with me to give to people. I am so concerned with him that the things I need to do are forgotten :(

I just feel so lost in this world today. I need some inspiration on what to post. I have totally been at a loss.
I blame it on my lack of funness in my life :(


Sara said...

okay the friend alarm is going off :-) we need to make time for a phone date, are you free anytime friday?

Haley Dawn said...

no... I work all freaking day... I mean ALL day