They like me, they really like me!


my Penny PooPoos

I am LOVING this beautiful weather! The sun just makes me all happy on the inside :)
I also love it because we can take Penny out to play in the baseball field so that she can actually have space to run run run. I took her out this morning and it was so much fun! I wish I brought my camera so I could have snapped some pictures of her rolling around in the grass. Oh well, next time I will. Watching her run free is rewarding for me. I know it makes her so so happy. There are currently one  or two dog parks on Cape and they are pretty far away from us. BUT I just learned that Hot Diggity, a local pet boutique, is working to build the Mashpee Dog Park! This is much needed because there are very very few places for our pups to run free and once summer comes, dogs are not allowed to be anywhere :(     

We also start our much needed training sessions tomorrow! We really need someone to teach us how to train her effectivly because up until now, she has been a bit unruly! I can't wait to have a well behaved, listening dog!
 these are old, i needs new ones


____j said...

she's so cute!! i wish we had a dog park, too, but we don't. we do take her for walks, though.

Haley Dawn said...

we walk her way more that she ever needs lol. she just needs to run free though. She gets restless in the house

M.J. said...

Penny is pure cuteness!!!!