They like me, they really like me!


I have been inspired

There are a few things that have inspired me to actually feel like the beautiful sexy woman the my loving FH tells me I am.. Part of it is the weather. I love the sunshine and the warm air. It brings one a sense of renewal and rebirth in my life. It motivates me to really start taking care of myself and taking time for myself. In the winter and fall I usually just throw my hair in a pony tail and run out the door. Lately I have really been enjoying actually trying to put myself together so to speak.

my other inspiration is this beautiful woman

Her name is Crystal Renn and she is a beautiful, curvy size 12. She models for high end designers like D&G and Jean Paul Gaultier. Seeing her being so mainstream and having beautiful curves, makes me feel beautiful too. It is so depressing only seeing stick thin waifs of women on the covers or magazines or walking down the runway. I want to know that my size 12 figure can be thought of like that too.

Ok well that's it for me. I just wanted to tell the work how happy I feel lately :)

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LiLu said...

She is gorgeous! Lovin' the real woman love!