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Statistics :(

I am not a fan of math, AT ALL!

For whatever reason, I got it into my crazy head this semester that I would take statistics. I figured that I would need to take it for a bachelors so I might as well get it over with now. I wish I hadn't. The test we just took was a nightmare! The multiple choice did not reflect much of anything that we had done in class. I am think about auditing this class because I don't want the grade to reflect on my GPA. I don't actually need the class, I was just trying to fill my time with something that I thought would be useful.

you live and learn I suppose.


Sara said...

I know stats totally sucks, but try and stick with it. It is a non-negotiable for grad school.

Christy said...

Hey I'm taking a stats class now, and have taken 2 others. If yours is just kind of "Elementary stats" or a beginner's stats, I can try to help you. Just shoot me an email if you need any help.

____j said...

Eww, yea. I can't imagine taking a class like that. Thank God I didn't need it. Aaron had to take it last semester, and I'm pretty sure he ended up with a "C". Good luck though. I hope you do well.

Christine said...

Good luck! I am thinking the same thing for these stupid classes that I have to take right now!

Chloe said...

Good luck! I was a chemistry major so I had to take lots of Math classes and they're not that fun. But I survived. You can, too.