They like me, they really like me!




yep.. thats the grade I got on my first micro test!!

I'm a smarty-pants.. I know!!




so what a fiasco this morning. The cat.. being our cat, was being a little wild and accidentally jumped on the baby and scratched her face. so.. now everyone is pissed and upset. we are bringing our fuzzy baby to my moms house to stay for a while and we are moving into chris' moms house. The cat was the whole reason we were staying so now if we have to get him out of here we are getting ourselves out of here too. this is so shitty. but it is the best decision for this stupid situation. I don't know if I am going to bring him down today, or if ill wait till Thursday. I am really not happy about this, but he will be happier there than he will be here. and my parents will take really good care of him. and when we get our own place we will take him back. I am so freaking upset... you know just because he is fuzzy and of the feline persuasion does not mean that we dont love him like a child.



so excited!

Sooo.. my best friend Kayla and I are taking a trip to Florida for about a week! I am so excited! We are going to stay at my cousin Donna's house. She has an extra car we can use and she is like sooo close to the beach its unbelievable! first things first- we book the tickets. I left that to kayla so ill just pay her back the money next time I see her. so... other things that must be done

1. start going to the gym again... just so I feel a little better in a bathing suit. Ill start being good again starting tomorrow morning. I want to go 4 days a week like I was before.. but ever since I started this semester.. I havnt been going like I should be.

2. Get a bit of a tan so I don't burn while I am down there. I know, I know.. bad thing to do.. but I want to look good lol

3. Save up some spending money- I don't think we will have to spend that much down there becasue we are not getting a hotel. We can just go to the market and get stuff to eat and cook.

4. Find my bathing suit... this is the part I'm not happy about lol. I don't really like being in a bathing suit but I love the beach. Hopefully going to the gym will remedy that.

ok well off to work to make some money for my trip!


i couldnt resisit

this is too funny


sweets for my sweet

so this is my very first attempt to make a 2 layer cake... (it was the beginning plan.. but whatever)

its a little messy..... but I bet it tastes good.. betty crocker does no wrong!


french horn and my cat

I am so happy to be playing my French horn again! It finally has its fun factor back. When I play, I feel like I am expressing my emotions and really playing the music. It feels so good again. It is like being reunited with your long lost lover. The one person that understand you and that you can rely on (yes I am still talking about my French Horn). I love getting lost in the music and listening to all the harmonies going on. And gosh darn it- I still have it! Even after not playing for almost 6 months I haven't lost it! I actually think it has made me a better player.

On another note... my poor cat has abandonment issues I think. Since my niece and nephew have been gone all week he has been really lonely because no one is home all day. I have never had a cat the really likes to be around people and snuggle as much as he does. I want to get him a friend.. but I know that would never go over well here!



I really enjoy Thursdays. I have one class at 8 AM (ill have more about that one in a second) and i get to go home to see my mommy and i get to play my french horn. I dont get to play much anymore because of my lack of space here.. and bc of my niece who is usually asleep whenever I am home. I don't have to work and I can pretty much do whatever it is that I want on Thursdays. and let me tell you.. i certainly need it.

Ok so about my class this morning. It is a developemental psychology course that meets at 8AM. Its a good class to have to be up that early for. So I get to class and my teacher aparently is not here but we still have to stay. She gave us an assignment to do that goes along with the movie she left for us. and the movie we had to watch- "The Miracle of Life". Boy did that wake me up this morning!. I was not prepared to watch a woman give birth on tv at 8AM this morning!
you can wath it here if you like!

in other news: Octuplets

so sad, but what can you do. It is very hard to point fingers in this one, but who says fingers need to be pointed?

oh ane one more thing- everyone needs to try out It is the most amazing thing I have ever found (thanks kyle). it is a radio station maker/player that you control! It is sooo cool!




Ok so today was my first Micro test. I studied my ass off and I really thought I knew the information. I knew all the bacteria and what they do and what they look like. I knew the important structures of prokaryotic cells.

but somehow... I feel as though I still managed to fail. this teacher clearly does not know how to write a fair and valid test question. It was a total trick with like 4 answers that could be right.
we will see when I get my grade back. I mean if I had a problem then you know it was bad bc I don't have problems with tests and learning the proper information.


what a couple of days

I had quite an eventful couple of days. This past weekend was my bestest friends 21st birthday! It was fantastic to see her and our other best friend. I became heavily intoxicated and had a fabulous time. My drink of choice- Captain and Coke (those who know me best knew that)

While I was home I also went to the green house where my wedding will be. It just makes me so excited to get married! I wish that I didn't have to wait until 2011! but I do realize that we decided to wait so that we can save sufficient amount of money to have the wedding that we want. My darling Christopher still needs to talk to his parents about their contribution. I just have so many ideas floating around and I really just want to start planning this stupid thing.

what else did I do... I worked.. boy was that miserable. For some reason all the rude people decided to come out and play tonight. I was not know what- the customer is NOT always right. I just cannot wait till I have my RN degree! I wish people realized that a little kindness can really go a long way. I guess the majority of Americans have no idea what manners are.

not much super interesting, I'm still getting used to this thing

have a nice night and remember- just say please and thankyou!


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so, I guess I and going to try this blogging thing. I always like to have a place to rant and rave about life, or just update on what is going on in my own little world.

so what is going on?
Well I'm still going to school for nursing. im busting my butt trying to get A's in all my classes so that the powers that be in the nursing heaven like me enough to let me in. I still work at Shaws as a cashier. Its a nice easy job for while i am at school over using my brain. I dont get to actually do much because i work and go to school too much but thats ok, I am making a little money atleast.

I guess that is about it.. not much huh.. thats ok atleast im happy and i have my Fantastic Fiance around <3