They like me, they really like me!



so what a fiasco this morning. The cat.. being our cat, was being a little wild and accidentally jumped on the baby and scratched her face. so.. now everyone is pissed and upset. we are bringing our fuzzy baby to my moms house to stay for a while and we are moving into chris' moms house. The cat was the whole reason we were staying so now if we have to get him out of here we are getting ourselves out of here too. this is so shitty. but it is the best decision for this stupid situation. I don't know if I am going to bring him down today, or if ill wait till Thursday. I am really not happy about this, but he will be happier there than he will be here. and my parents will take really good care of him. and when we get our own place we will take him back. I am so freaking upset... you know just because he is fuzzy and of the feline persuasion does not mean that we dont love him like a child.



Sara said...

aww sorry....not cool

Haley Dawn said...

well.... its what had to be done... and he is already being himself at my parents house.. so its ok