They like me, they really like me!



is anyone else feeling a little overwhelmed with the holiday season fast approaching? I have no idea what to do for Christmas present. Christopher still will not tell me what he wants. If I don't get an answer he isn't getting anything. I just feel like there is so much I have to get, but alas no money to get any of it with. *sigh*.... I need a vacation



We got the permit and we are sending it in w/ the check today!

we are one step closed to wedded bliss! :)

I also made alit fo things to day for the wedding.. if I forgot anything let me know and I will add it!


I met the sweetest old man today. He is originally from New Orleans and has the most amazing accent! He and I started talking, as I do with most of my customers and he started telling me a little about himself. He was an optomologist in New Orleans before the hurricane. He had a beautiful house and was doing pretty ok for himself to say the least. Then the crap hit the fan and by crap I mean hurricane Katrina. His house was demolished and he lost his medical building. he lost everything. And you know what the insurance company gave him and his family for the damages? $8,000 dollars to fix the roof. That would have been great if there was still a house to put a roof onto. $8,000... that doesn't buy a new house. That doesn't help restart his practice. My heart just hurt for him. I wanted to cry for and with him. But through it all he says, "I still have my health". It is so refreshing to see someone that has been through the worst imaginable yet they still have a positive outlook on what has happened. I wished I had gotten his address and his name so that I could send him a letter or a Christmas card. He will be someone that I will always remember meeting and talking to.


My Baby loves me :)

How do I know?
He brings me these :)

The notes say:
For my love just because
For my love because shes beautifu
For my love because shes HOT!

Moving forward

Life has been really good lately. In a few days we will have been in our little house for a month and this first month has been awesome. I was afraid money was going to be tight but in reality we are doing really well. We paid rent early, we are not going hungry and we have a few pennies to spare so that we can have a good time :).

In other news, Wedding plans are beginning to finally take shape. We made some major decisions about what, when and where we will be getting married and I am really excited! We will be booking the Roger Williams botanical Gardens for out Ceremony on August 28, 2010! We are still looking for a place to do dinner for the 30 family members we are inviting. We have some place we are looking at but nothing definite yet. i am kind of sad that we cannot invite everyone we want to, however the budget just will not allow for it. so to remedy this, we are hoping to have a fun casual bbq style party either some time before (like an engagement type party) or some time after the wedding. this also has not been fully decided yet but hopefully that will happen within the next few months.

While we are on the subject of marriage, I have been working really had to find my identity as a fiance and future wife. I am trying to figure out what it is that I am supposed to be doing differently now that I run a household and wil soon be Mrs. T. One of the things that has most bothred me is that I don't cook much. I dont LOVE cooking, eventhough I LOVE eating hehe. I also don't have a ton of time to cook. I kind of felt like a failure because of this. However, for whatever reason, I have come to realize that it ok. Chris really like to cook and he is around to do it. the way we do things works for us and I am sure that these jobs will change as our relationship changes and grows...

I can't wait to see what life holds for us :)


Talking to my mother

It is really funny to talk to my mom about the wedding. I kind of throw little things in here or there about it like "Oh I think we are going to try and get our deposit back".. and I don't get much of a response. I don't really know what to think about that. I mean, we have pretty much made up our minds. A court house wedding w/ just immediate family and then we will take them out to dinner that night. Then about a month later we throw a really good bbq for all of our friends and family as a really relaxed celebration. I guess she just doesn't want to put her input in, which is ok in a way because she is realizing it is MY wedding and not hers. It is kind of disconcerting though at the same time. I like her opinion. I like getting a little validation from her, but I suppose it doesn't matter. I guess I need to become more comfortable making my own decisions.

Roles reversed

I am cooking for my parents tonight! this will be the first time I have ever cooked them dinner! It is actually pretty exciting. Chris and I are making mashed potatoes, steak tips , dinner rolls and a salad. I hope it turns out yummy! I will let everyone know!