They like me, they really like me!


I met the sweetest old man today. He is originally from New Orleans and has the most amazing accent! He and I started talking, as I do with most of my customers and he started telling me a little about himself. He was an optomologist in New Orleans before the hurricane. He had a beautiful house and was doing pretty ok for himself to say the least. Then the crap hit the fan and by crap I mean hurricane Katrina. His house was demolished and he lost his medical building. he lost everything. And you know what the insurance company gave him and his family for the damages? $8,000 dollars to fix the roof. That would have been great if there was still a house to put a roof onto. $8,000... that doesn't buy a new house. That doesn't help restart his practice. My heart just hurt for him. I wanted to cry for and with him. But through it all he says, "I still have my health". It is so refreshing to see someone that has been through the worst imaginable yet they still have a positive outlook on what has happened. I wished I had gotten his address and his name so that I could send him a letter or a Christmas card. He will be someone that I will always remember meeting and talking to.


Amy --- Just A Titch said...

Wow. What an inspirational person he must be.

Tamela said...

Wow, that is just sad that the insurance company only offered him $8,000. I am glad he has a positive attitude though. Not many do.

M.J. said...

So sad...I went to New Orleans a few years back, and the devastation that remains in the Ninth Ward is appalling. There were homeless people everywhere near the stadium, and those little FEMA trailers were parked all around.