They like me, they really like me!



Life works in mysterious ways. Just as Chris is all set up for classes in the fall and he has finally made up his mind about what he is going to do, he get an e-mail. The e-mail is from the department head of music at one of the local school districts who knows Chris.I guess she was the assistant band director for his HS bad. The e-mail is telling him about an opening for 5-8 general music and chorus that JUST became available in her district. She tells him he should jump on it. So he does. He e-mails her back saying that he will put in an applicatio0n but unfortunately he does not currently have his certification but will get it asap if he is given the job. She them e-mails him back saying that she just talked to the principal and the other music teacher and they have decided to make the position a full time sub position so not having his cert. is not a problem and that it opens up the job to more people. She is pretty much THROWING this job at him. We dropped his resume off today so we will just have to wait and see what happens. He will at least get an interview out of this if nothing else, and in my book that's OK. What would be AWESOME is if he received a job from this! it would take a HUGE strain off of things I think.

this might be what we needed.. but if not would could always try and win the $325 million dollar mega millions lottery tonight :)


My legs hurt

Yesterday for the most part was a good day. Chris and I went to my parents house in the morning and then we went to the beach with my family and my sisters boyfriend. It was a really nice day and it was the first time I actually went to the beach this summer.. I know, sad. I put sunscreen all over myself except my legs.. usually my legd don't burn so I though... "I want my legs to look tan instead of this pasty white so i just won't put sunscreen on". Bad idea. I guess since my legs ARE so pasty white I just burned lol. It hurts. Then we all ment back to my house and waited for my aunt and cousin to arrive because we were celebrating my cousin's 16th birthday! It was nice because I don't really see them that often. Then the anxiety comes. Everyone starts talking about buying a house and paying for the wedding and going to school.. everything that has to do with money and everything that I just can't afford. I just can't handle it. I am barley surviving, not to mention we are a couple are just above water. I was pretty much upset for the rest of the night and went straight to be when we got home... I feel like I have no control over some parts of my life, and I feel lost. I feel like I don't know how to do this "grown up" thing and it scares the crap out of me...

hopefully today is a better day


I love my days off

I really do! I love not having any deadlines to meet, I love not having to be anywhere, and I REALLY love not having customers in my face. What I don't love is that I never have anything to do. No errands, no friends that are not working, nothing.. I would almost RATHER be at work. Heck I would rather have homework to do than nothing at all.

for some exciting news- Chris and I bought our tickets to Florida in November!. We are going to Disney for the Food and Wine Festival!!! I still need to get my park hopper pass (which im hopping my mom will get me for my Christmas gift!) and we are ready to go!


New Hair Cut

ok smile

my super star face!

I love getting my hair cut! It is not very often that I pamper myself because, well... pampering myself costs money. So today I decided to get my hair cut at this salon near my house called the Mane Event. They were by far the cheapest salon around, most places its $50+ but here it was $32 for a cut at most. I am always afraid to have someone I am not used to cut my hair because I have been going to the same lady for YEARS now. It is just not practical for me to drive to RI to get my hair cut though, so i needed to find something close by. My hair dresser did AWESOME! I love the cut so much and she was so sweet. Not to mention, she is about my age so she knows how to be fashionable hehe. I will definitely be going back to see her and maybe next time I will get my hair colored since I miss being blond lol. It is amazing how much better you feel after getting a hair cut. It just revitalizes your appearance and makes you feel shiney and new again!



So Christopher wants to go back to school. He has a degree in Music Ed, which in this current situation is not doing him any good. He wants to go back and get an associates in IT. I want him to be able to have a degree in something and be successful. Music ed is not a good field to be in right now. All the vacancies from teachers retiring are not actually being filled. What most districts out here are doing is just taking a teacher they already have and placing them into that empty spot as well as have them do what they were doing before. I don't know if its our location or if it is simply the economic climate right now but he is having no luck. What frustrates me about this is that we were going to be trying to move out next spring. If we are BOTH in school (even if he is part time) where are we going to come up with the money to move out? How is rent going to get paid? On top of all of this, I now have to start paying for my health insurance because my dad has been laid off. I am covered until September but this now means that about 60 dollars a week are coming out of my paycheck to pay for my health insurance. no to mention I pay 50 dollars a week in rent (cheap I know but I don't make much to begin with). There is no way for me to work 2 jobs during the school year.

I think from now on I am only going to keep $150 in my checking account and all extra for the week is going straight into my savings account (minus $50 for rent and whatever bill needs to be paid at the time). I need to do something to start putting a lot of money away. I need to figure out how much i can actually save to see what I can pay in rent every month.

*sigh* I need a drink

feels like flying!

I rode my bike today! for the first time in years actually hehe. I had my parents bring it to me when they came to visit. I have had this bike for ages. Its the 2nd bike I have ever owned I think I got it when I was 10 (?). It used to have a kick stand but that has since died or broken, but everything else still works! I love the feeling of the wind hitting my face while I ride my bike. It is actually really quite relaxing and makes me feel like a little kid again. I am so glad I remembered to ask my parents to bring it to me!! There are some really nice bike paths out here on Cape Cod and my goal is that every Sunday Chris and I go bike riding for the afternoon. Of course that is just my plan, its not like I cant have any control over the wether and with my luck it will rain every Sunday.