They like me, they really like me!


I have always said that getting married would not really change anything except my name. But the truth is, it is a little different. I had this conversation with hubby the other day and he told me that he feels more "grown up'. I think he means to say mature. I definitely feel like I have grown into more of an adult through the process of getting married. I also feel like my love for him has matured. I can't put it into words but its like there is a much deeper connection between us now than there was before. He said to me today "You're smiling again. I haven't seen you smile in a long time." I am just at peace again. It is lovely to know that this big chapter in our lives is done and closed and we can actually move on to the enjoying our marriage part.

On a more awesome note-

I got my name changed! it is now super official!
I am Mrs. Haley Dawn Tufts <3