They like me, they really like me!


I did It!

I am jumping in! I am going to nursing school! I got my acceptance and let me tell you, I was registered and fees paid first thing this morning. I think I'm the first one to register! I am such a nerd.

At first, when I opened my letter, I was not excited. I was still weary about actually becoming an RN. but I thought, and I cried, and did more thinking and I said- This is what I need to do. I have worked my little butt off to get here and I am going to freaking do it! I can get over the sticking people with needles. I can manage my stress and anxiety with lots of meditation and chocolate. I walk away from this I will never get the opportunity again.

now I need these:

both in pink of course!



I have a huge decision to potentially make in the near future.

weather to become a nurse or not.

I know I know, I have been talking about becoming a nurse for like 2 years now. And now that I might be getting an acceptance letter in the mail I should be so excited and ready to take on the challenge. Well... I'm not. Through some recent soul searching I have been thinking that maybe nursing is not for me. I know that I hate needles. I know that I do not cope well with stress. I know that I am a very emotional person and that sometimes my heart takes over. How am I supposed to separate those things when in nursing school? I don't want to be in a constant state of anxiety while in clinical or on the job. I don't want to have to wonder if I was the reason that person didn't recover. I don't want to walk out to my car every night after a shift and have to cry for 20 minutes so that I can decompress and make it home safely. I love the subject matter. I love learning about the human body and I love taking care of people. I am just not sure if that is enough to make it through nursing school in one piece.

I still have some soul searching to do. If I get a rejection letter, I guess my decision is made for me, however my life never works that way.


Doggie fun

Easter was so much fun!
I took the Penny dog out with me all day. First I went to my FMIL's house for brunch. My neice, nephew, FSIL, Auntie Cindy, Uncle Bobby, Alicia, Brianna, and Nick were all there. The kids had a blast with Penny and Penny seemed to have a good time as well. Next Chris, Penny and I went to my aunts house for dinner. My aunt has a jack russell named Abbie. The 2 doggies had so much fun running around outside and hanging out in the sun. Penny doesn't get to run free like that too often so it was definitely a treat for her.

the doggies hanging out :)



Thanks Jamie!!

Jamie gave me this Virtual Easter basket!

Hershey's is partnering with bloggers to donate $5,000 to the Children's Miracle Network! They are hosting a blog hop and for each blog entry, Hershey's will donate $10 to the Children's Miracle Network.

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I will send some easter cheer to:

Sara F.
Broedoms Bounty 


The things I am not

Inspired by Amy

I am not shy. I will willingly tell the world whatever they want to hear. I do not always think before I speak, I oftentimes find myself putting my foot in my mouth. I am not a patient person. I do not like having to wait for results or answers. I totally understand why my generation is often referred to the as the generation that needs instant gratification. I am not good at calling a lot of people back. Please don't leave me voice mails if you want a response a text or e-mail would be much better.

I am not a "Pretty girl". I love my jeans and t-shirts. I am NOT a lover of all things beauty. I don't even know how to put foundation on. I don't spend time pampering myself, because  frankly, I just don't have time to. I am not "skinny", I know this. I am trying to love my size and shape every day the way Christopher does. That being said, I am not lacking in the confidence department. I know that I am good at a whole lot of other things and I try not to let my body image get in the way of that.

I am most certainly not an advocate of PETA but I love my animals more than I love my people some times. I am not an alcoholic. I am not a party girl. I am not a hermit. I like to have a good time but I really do love just staying home and knowing that i can sleep in my own bed. I am not domestic, crafty, or really creative. I am afraid that I will be a bad wife because of that. I can't cook and I hate cleaning, I better start working on that hehe. I am not afraid to take risks and just jump and any opportunity that comes my way. They always seem to work out in my favor