They like me, they really like me!


ramblings about my job

As most of you may know (or maybe not) I tutor anatomy and physiology mt the college I attend. I really love what I do. I get to help students grasp concepts and information in a subject that I love yet, is quite a challenge.

This semester I have met a new challenge when it comes to tutoring. I have been seeing a lady almost 4 hours a week for tutoring. Her main set back- she is Russian. The language barrier is HUGE!. She speaks English quite well but with a heavy accent. The issue is not her intelligence, because believe me, she is really quite smart. The issue is that she cannot just pick up the book and read the words and understand that is being said. Hell, for many of the students that don't have a language issues, that is hard to do!It has made me realize how difficult our language is. It has really taught me to think about what I am saying and how I am saying it. I may need to define a word 3 or 4 different ways before she understands its meaning. She is a riot and has a great sense of humor. we kinds of joke about everything as we are going along w/ the session. She has also taught me to have a lot of patience and how to work with someone that English is a second language. Just because they can speak it does not mean they truly have an understanding.


New blog to read :)

Amy at Travel Nurse Aim contacted me and asked if I would link her blog. I LOVE reading nursing blogs so of course I said yes! I started poking around and became really fascinated with what she does. She is a traveling nurse (as you can tell by her blog title). this means she works for an agency that sends her all over the place to work at different hospitals. She essentially fills open spots that need to be filled stat.She talks about all the ins and our of travel nurisng like the BIG questions that need to be asked. She is very informative and what she deals with day to day seems to be quite interesting! She just switched to wordpress so if you want more you can find her here as well!

Enjoy! I know I will!


big changes... possibly

A lot has been going on lately, and its kinda crazy.

Chris is working on getting a demo tape together that he can send to Robins Air Force base in Georgia. Yes, a demo tape to the military. There is an opening in the regional band for a tenor/ baritone and they want a tape by March 31. It is actually really exciting. He would be singing for the military and that would be an awesome job. The money is good and the job security is excellent. If they like the tape they will have him come down to GA for a real audition. If they like him there, hes in!
what does this all mean?

he will be gone for at most 100 days out of the year, and that is not all at once, it is spread out over the whole year and every 18-20 months we will be gone for up to 60 days over seas. BUT that is only if his unit is called, so he may not necessarily be called.

We will have to move. Exciting and scary at the same time. He will have 8 days after BMT to find a house, whether that is a rental or we buy. I would love to buy because the houses are CHEAP (at least compared to what I am used to)! I just don't know how we will find a place so fast. I guess I would have to be looking around while he is away or we would have to buy before he goes.

I will be living in Georgia... 200 miles from the ocean.... does not make me happy! but it will be warm all the time!

this is all so overwhelming... I really hope this all works out though! I think it will be a lot of fun!



We met with our officiant yesterday! She was lovely and everything I could have ever asked for. She is easy to get in touch with, she is calm, cool and really loves what she is doing! We showed up are her house and she answered the door in her Ed Hardy t-shirt and sweat pants, at the moment I knew she was the one! We picked out our vows and I may send her some stuff to make changed but i really love what we picked. It short, simple and a little different that the standard. One more thing to check off the list!


I have an Idea

While I brows through my long list of blogs written by some really amazing women, I notice that quite a few of us are working towards becoming healthier. I Though maybe we should band together as some kind of support network so that we can continue to encourage and help each other along the way.

let me know if this some something interesting.


I feel good

I have been really down lately. I just haven't been feeling "sexy". FH tells me all the time how beautiful and sexy I am but I just don't believe him. So i made a promise to myself the other day. I promised myself that I would wake up at 630 Tuesday, Thursday and Friday to go to the gym. Today was day 1 of keeping my promise and I feel sooo good. It was really tough waking up in the morning (I really love my sleep). But it was well worth it. I really just want to look as sexy and I am supposed to feel (and I do feel it some times). I also really want to look good for my wedding (and wedding night).

I sometimes watch exercise video infomercials and I am intrigued by them. Maybe when I have some extra cash I will pick one up and see how it works.

Day one feels great and hopefully I can continue this. for 15 pounds :)