They like me, they really like me!


I feel good

I have been really down lately. I just haven't been feeling "sexy". FH tells me all the time how beautiful and sexy I am but I just don't believe him. So i made a promise to myself the other day. I promised myself that I would wake up at 630 Tuesday, Thursday and Friday to go to the gym. Today was day 1 of keeping my promise and I feel sooo good. It was really tough waking up in the morning (I really love my sleep). But it was well worth it. I really just want to look as sexy and I am supposed to feel (and I do feel it some times). I also really want to look good for my wedding (and wedding night).

I sometimes watch exercise video infomercials and I am intrigued by them. Maybe when I have some extra cash I will pick one up and see how it works.

Day one feels great and hopefully I can continue this. for 15 pounds :)


Sara said...

I really like Jillian's 30 day shred DVD. It's just 20 minutes!

M.J. said...

Good luck with your weight loss goals!