They like me, they really like me!


We got a puppy a few weeks ago. We love her so so much and she is really quite good. The problem is... she hates our cat. Every time she sees the cat she want to eat him. It is really not fair to him at all. I mean his is our first baby and he does get preference. We probably could deal with a crazy hyper puppy, but I dont know that we can handle a puppy that wants to attack our beloved cat. We are considering selling her. It makes me really sad bit I am really not sure is this is going to work for us. She really is sweet and very smart.


I just don't know what to do


The dress Debauchle

My dress.. has been something that was quite stressful up until now.

After Chris and I got engaged I went and did a little dress shopping. I just wanted to see what I liked and didn't like. Well my mom, sister and I headed over to Davids Bridal and my awesome consultant had me try on like 20 dresses. NO JOKE. By the end of the day I found the dress that I THOUGHT I loved. I thought i looke beautiful in it and I was so excited. We bought the dress. That was 1.5 years ago. Since then I would try my dress on every time I went to my aunts house and every time i saw myself in it. i love my dress but not the way I looked in it. So finally over Christmas, my aunt said, let me call and see if they can get you one in a bigger size because that will alleviate a lot of the issues I had with the way it was fitting. Surprisingly they said to bring it on it so they could take a look at it and they would order me a size up no problem.

I was a blonde then too hehe

So I walk into the store and I start trying on my old dress so that my consultant can see it on me and I see a dress hanging on a mannequin that I just thought was super cute. I asked to try it on and she said sure. I put it on and fell in love. it is so much more flattering and It totally fits my personality and the feel of the wedding so much better! It is just really crazy that I could try on 20 dresses and think that i found then one and then see a single dress hanging up and put it on and leave with it as my wedding dress. It was never my intention to but a new dress. But when I put it on all I could think of was wow!

Now I am really excited to be getting married and I am so excited to actually start planning. i don't have to worry about losing those last 100000000 pounds to fit into my dress and I can just relax and enjoy myself!

Christopher and I really cleaned the house yesterday. It felt really good to have clean floors and see that most of the stuff in the house was where it belonged. For me, when I actually do it, cleaning feels like a new beginning. It makes me feel like I can start the day fresh and new. Yesterday was an awesome day actually. We got all of our bills paid, purchased some necessary items from the grocery store and *drum roll please*.. Ordered our Save the Dates! This is the first little thing that we have purchased for the wedding. All deposited have been paid, dress has been purchased (and since exchanged for a new one... more on that later), money has been saved and now it is time to spend it! Yesterday really was a fresh start it felt like. I have also since realized that I will be Mrs. T in 7.5 months! I cant wait!

some of the colors are a little different. What I loved about them is that they are magnets! I akways hate giving people things that I know will end up in the trash. With these I am sure they will hang on everyone's fridge forever! Its like a little keepsake :)


one more goal

get organized! The house is a mess and Chris leaves things everywhere! I really need to start cleaning and organizing wayyy more


Happy new year!

Welcome to 2010 everyone! This is going to be a pretty crazy year. I am planning a wedding, praying that I get into nursing school, and many more things that I am sure will come up. One of the scariest things I realized was that 2009 just FLEW by. I keep thinking "What the hell did I do with myself this year"... apparently not to much hehe.

1. Continue going to the gym and getting healthy
2. Save a little more money
3. enjoy every moment of every day