They like me, they really like me!


Christopher and I really cleaned the house yesterday. It felt really good to have clean floors and see that most of the stuff in the house was where it belonged. For me, when I actually do it, cleaning feels like a new beginning. It makes me feel like I can start the day fresh and new. Yesterday was an awesome day actually. We got all of our bills paid, purchased some necessary items from the grocery store and *drum roll please*.. Ordered our Save the Dates! This is the first little thing that we have purchased for the wedding. All deposited have been paid, dress has been purchased (and since exchanged for a new one... more on that later), money has been saved and now it is time to spend it! Yesterday really was a fresh start it felt like. I have also since realized that I will be Mrs. T in 7.5 months! I cant wait!

some of the colors are a little different. What I loved about them is that they are magnets! I akways hate giving people things that I know will end up in the trash. With these I am sure they will hang on everyone's fridge forever! Its like a little keepsake :)

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Sara said...

love the save the dates! I hope I get to see the new dress when I come to visit! Would you be able to come down saturday to hang out?