They like me, they really like me!


we're moving on up!

We got the official word yesterday... WE ARE MOVING!! We mailed out our first check today! This is so exciting! The best part is- We can have our cat back! I miss my furry baby so so much! now the fun begins... hehe. I have to but the paint tomorrow and hopefully do a little cleaning before I have to be in Hyannis. We need to find time to paint this week and this weekend because we are moving in Columbus day weekend.

to do list:
Buy paint
call Comcast
find a kitchen table and chairs
buy bathroom stuff (shower curtain, shower head.. etc.)
get a seat cover for the loveseat
move our stuff in
get our cat!

so much to do and only 2 weeks to do it in :(



So, I never though I would enjoy teaching anyone anything but tutoring is actually really fun! I have had some students that come really prepared and koe exactly what to ask me. That makes what I am doing so much easier. I can directly answer them and give a specific answer. I have also had some students that are slightly clueless. With some of them that's ok because I can do an over view of what they have learned and kind of review with them their notes. Some of them its bad. They are getting a head of themselves and did seem to do any reading or any work on their own. I am enjoying myself though. I love seeing that light bulb go off in their head! Its also an awesome review for me. I like being able to keep my knowlege sharp.

plus.. If I dont have any appointments, I can get some of my own work done, like I did today!


Why music should be in schools

So i have to write an essay for my english class and our first essay is about taking a stance on something and defending it. We did a little prewriting in class and this is what I wrote:

why this is important to me:

This topic is very important to me. I have played an instrument since the 4th grade and it is something that continues to bring me great joy. Because of music I have made many lasting friends, learned many valuable lessons and really know what it feels like to succeed and to fail. It is my creative outlet and one of the things that made me really enjoy going to school every day. Music is important in the schools because it give students all the opportunities that I mentioned as well as helping them succeed academically. Music has taught me discipline, time management and commitment. Many studies also show that music has a positive effect on test scores in reading and math and it engages both sides of the brain which helps with critical thinking and problem solving. Music is also a physical activity. It teaches breath support, and more importantly it can help develop fine motor skills. This is an important topic to discuss because many people do not truly see the benefits that music can offer their children and that these students would truly be missing out on a valuable experience without it.

I was pretty impressed with it hehe. This is such an important subject to me.. as you can tell. There is a lot of passion and emotion that I put into it. In other news CHRIS GOT THE JOB!
He is now the full time sub at the middle school.. and making great money :)! Now lets just hope they want to rehire him next year.. but that's getting ahead of ourselves now. maybe this good karma will come my way and I will be accepted into nursing school!


some random things

I know I haven't posted in a while so I have some random little tidbits to share :)

Today was the "sexy sale" at Victoria's Secret! I bought 3 Bras for what I would normally pay for one there! Being a little larger chested *coughDDcough* I really try and invest in good bras and VS are really the only ones that fit me well. I was totally excited because I REALLY needed some new bras.

Christopher's BlackBerry broke again! we took it to the store and they took one look at it and replaced it. I have no idea why he is having such a hard time with his phone but thank goodness he bought the insurance on it!

Chris has been given the teaching job as a 10 day sub for now. There is another applicant and I think that they have to interview that person first before they make any real decisions. I really cannot see them giving it to the other person. They didn't need to give Chris the sub position, they could have given it to anyone and at this point I cannot see them hiring the other person.. however you never know, so please keep your fingers crossed!

I start school again on Wednesday! I am kinda excited about that! I am just taking 2 classes.. well its 2 classes in one really so I will have a nice and easy semester.

well that is it for now!