They like me, they really like me!


I live in the smallest state...

With the longest name and I WILL vote against changing the name!


so busy!

I have been crazy busy this past week. I'm sorry that I haven't posted in a while or left any comments. I just haven't stopped. My sister graduated on Monday. It was actually really kind of cool. She went to The met and for their graduation they say what each student is planning on doing and what school they are going to next year as they come up for their diploma. One of the requirements for graduation is an acceptance to a 4 or 2 year school. Some of these kids are really quite accomplished, and these are mostly inner city providence kids so that is saying a lot. two kids in the graduating class won the Gates Millennium Scholarship, which is more than any other school in RI.

Last night I went to the BBC with my friend for some pizza and trivia. It was FANTASTIC. I had so much fun!

Today Chris and I went to look at an apartment. It SEEMED promising. 1000 a month every thing included, lofted bedroom.. You know it sounded great. We got there and one look was all it took. the outside was clearly in need of repair, which is not a big deal but its nice when the place looks good. We got inside and looked around and it was TINY. totally NOT worth the 1000 a month. PLUS there was another apartment attached to the house (aka the other half of the house). It was just not good at all. On top of that we asked about our cat and he said "well I would like another deposit for the cat". I asked how much he would like and he replied with "$500". So that means we would pay first, lasts, $500 security AND $500 for the cat. I don't think so!

Next week is our busiest week at work so I'm working long shifts and lost of them. Hopefully the rest of the summer will stay busy. Hopefully i will be back and posting more again now that things have somewhat calmed down.

Off to RI for a concert!


Honest scrap award!

Boredom's Bounty tagged me with the Honest Scrap award. Thanks!

The rules:

1) tell your readers 10 things about you that are true, that they might not know; and 2) tag 10 other bloggers to do the same
  1. I have a little sister that graduates from high school tomorrow and that scares the crap out of me because that means she is 18 now and not really that little anymore
  2. I have 2 best friends that I have known since we were all 5. We are now 21. That's 16 years!
  3. I love going to school but at the same time I don't want to go anymore. I feel like I can't really start my life until I'm all done.
  4. I now have 2 TATTOOS. I have also had my eyebrow pierced, my ears at also pierced, however I HATE needles! (and I want to be a nurse?!)
  5. I drive a red 2003 Chevy Malibu and I love her!
  6. I like to know that people can open up to me. I really enjoy helping people and making sure they are taken care of.
  7. I was born and raised in New England but I hate the snow. It makes life very difficult and I don't like the cold.
  8. I'll eat pretty much anything covered in chocolate
  9. I am an alumni of a music service sorority TBS. I have boys that are my sisters.
  10. I have never given blood.
I tag everyone that wants to play!



I love it! It came out awesome. He was quick and it was relatively inexpensive. When I got there he showed me this sketch that he did. He took my concept and ran in the whole wrong direction with what i was looking for. I pulled out the stuff I gave him and showed him the one I really LOVED. He redrew something and I LOVED what he drew. Even better than what I gave him as inspiration. I hurt like a BIT*H. Like 100000 times more than my first one.

and... Drum roll please

*Drum Roll*

On another note... Chris and I are looking at a couple of HOMES for under $100,000. Yes that's right we might be trying to BUY something instead of RENTING. This thought scares the SHIT out of me. Are we ready to buy a home? Can we really afford this? It scares me. I guess we will look.


sad and frustrated

Chris is feeling burned out. It makes me really sad to see him this upset and frustrated. He works so hard and he feels like he isn't getting anywhere. I just feel so helpless. I feel so selfish for wanting him to get a teaching job. I know he wants to perform and teach privately, it just isn't gonna work right now. one needs to pursue their dream when they can afford to do so. I don't think it is worth it when we are barely making ends meet. Its the economy, its the timing, its the location. It doesn't help that I am still in school. I would love to put school on hold to be able to fully support him in what he wants to do. We still live in his moms house because we cannot yet afford to be out on our own. *sigh* I just don't know.

On a not so sad note- we are going to Tiki Port w/ some friends from work tonight. I like getting together with the people I work with outside of work. They are so much fun. Tomorrow I am getting my new ink. Totally excited!! I have been waiting to get my 2nd tattoo since... well,,, since I got my first one!



thankyou to my friend kayla for sending me this!


Girls night

I had such a good weekend! I know I said that in my last post but It really was an awesome weekend. Last night I went to my friend Jessica's house and it was just her and I for a while and we just talked. Talked about anything and everything. I really feel like I have have made a REAL friend out here on Cape. It is a real comfort to have a good friend out here. I don't feel so alone out here anymore. Her friends also came over last night and they were awesome! It was a really cool group of girls and it was fun. I hope we can all get together for a girls night again sometime soon.

Something serious to talk about- Per management we are not allowed food and drink on the front end. The new front end manager even made us sing something about it! I can totally understand food. No one wants to go through a cashiers line who is munching on potator chips while scanning their groceries. But Drinks?! I get dehydrated easily and I have a bottle of water with me ALL the time. I'm not going to go to the Dr.'s to get a note for this. I just don't see the harm that having a bottle of water does. If it spills, it doens't make a mess, doesn't make things sticky. I just don't know. Should I run to the bubbler (water fountain for you non- New England folk) every five minutes? Probably not. Even our Stockers can't have water on the floor. I mean. They are physically moving HEAVY things and they sweat. All they nneed if one person to drop of dehydration this summer and they will be singing a different tune.


good weekend

What an awesome weekend I have had so far hehe. Thursday I went to go see Star Trek with Chris and my friend Jess and her boy. I was an AWESOME movie. I hope they make more because they did a fantastic job with it!! I might have to get it on NetFlix so I can watch it again! Last night after work I went to the local Chinese food place with some of my work comrades. We got 2 appetizer platters and the legal ones got a drink and we just sat and BS'ed. It was nice. I love the people I work with but we don't get to go out often because.. well... we are all working hehe. Tonight I was invited to my friend Jess's house for some cocktails and entertainment. It is nice to actually have a social life out here on the Cape. I still don't have many friends out here, and in my free time I usually just sit at home and blog or surf the net so it is nice to actually go out for once. I don't know why I haven't really gotton close to anyone out here. Maybe it is because I focus too much on work and school. Maybe I just don't remember how to actually make friends since it has been so long since I have had to. I think I am FINALLY getting comfortable here on the Cape, it is actually starting to feel like home. All I need now is a big floppy hat and I will actually fit in with all the Cape Cod ladies hehe.


Friday 5 a little early

I saw these posted tonight and decided to do them becasue I have nothing else to do.
  1. What’s something you will not eat unless you also have ketchup? Hot dogs and hamburgers
  2. What’s something you will not drink unless it is served on ice cubes? nothing I hate ice
  3. What’s something you will not eat unless it is served between slices of bread? jelly.. preferably w/ peanutbutter. or mayo.. I hate mayo on anything but a turkey or chicken sandwich
  4. What’s something you will not drink unless you have a straw? milk shake
  5. What’s something else you will not eat except under very specific circumstances? carrots.. they have to be in a stir fry or in a salad where they get covered in something.

in other news- I saw Star Trek and it was FANTABULOUS!!! I loved the original Kirk and captain Picard and This movie blew my mind it was sooo good! And it was funny too!

my uterus hurts.. oh the woes of being a woman.. off to be to relax w/ my love


Thanks Sunshinemeg!!

Sunshinemeg has given me the Lovely award! Thanks a bunch!! I have already been given it and all would I would have tagged have already been given it. I am glad people think I'm Lovely!!!

becoming a homemaker??

I finally cleaned my room today! Since Chris and I moved into his moms house in February we haven't really organized our room and were just throwing things on the floor or anywhere else there was open space

Today... we end this vicious cycle of messy-ness!!

all the clothes are off the floor.. shoes are in their proper place and all old mail/ important paper work is off my dresser and somewhere that will be eventually sorted through and filed (in some manner). Our room in TINY so any kind of mess makes it look TERRIBLE. I need to be a better cleaner.. I despise it.. there is soo much I would rather do than clean but as part of my future wifely duties I should learn to enjoy it.However, Christopher n eed tos get better at it too! All the mail thai I moved.. guess whose it was.. and ill give you a hint! It wasn't mine!!! When we get out own place I would like to invest in organizational things so that even if we have a lot of junk around.. it wil be organized atleast!

oh.. and in the process of cleaning I found:
  • many socks that I have not been able to find
  • My watch that I thought was gone for ever!
  • camera charger
  • A book of stamps
see.. maybe I should do this more often!


The Cruel thing about college

I don't understand why it is sooo important for 16 and 17 year olds to have to decide what they want to do for the rest of their life. Only a few of them ever stick with their original decision. I was taking to my cousin this morning who will be going into her 2 year of college and she is telling me that she doesn't know if she wants to stay with her major. Thats OK, how are you supposed to know what it is that you want to do before you have even tried it. College costs sooo much money and these kids are almost jumping blindly into something. Granted you pretty much know what you like and dont like but still, you may end up hating what you loved and loving what you hated! And besides... Is it truly realistic to do ONE things for your WHOLE life??? not really. most people have a couple of different careers in their life time.

Take me for instance-In highschool there were a lof of different things that I wanted to do.. some had to do w/ computres, some had to do with animals and then suddenly I decided on music. I was good at it. Hell I was so good at it that I auditioned and was accepted at URI even though I had only been playing Horn for a year and a half. Then I started DOING it.. Not my favorite thing. I loved to play... I didnt love all that other stuff that goes w/ Music education.. like the TEACHING part hehe. So I transfered out and moved to Cape Cod.. and you wanna know what I picked- NURSING... the total other end of the spectrum. Why? I don't really know. Something about caring for people really appealed to me and I really enjoy learning about the human body. and even still I am not TOTALLY confident with the choice I made. I have started blogging and I kind of enjoy working on the computer but I dont know if I could do this forever but it would be awesome to work for google! I really Enjoy working for Shaw's Supermarket... I could see myself as a front end manager. I really like working w/ people. Who knows I will figure it out at some point.. Maybe I am already doing it or maybe I will find it.


He is way to good to me

But I deserve it!!

Thats right everyone!!!


He Loves me I think!


tattoo so Sara Can see it

This is what I decided on for my tattoo.. only it will be on my foot, not my back.. I am still debating doing it in Brown ink so it REALLY looks like Henna. It probably wont be EXACTLY this but it will be close

This image really is henna
Thank you Henna Me for the picture!

Happy Friday!

It is always exciting when Friday rolls around. That means the weekend is here! Unfortunately, I don't really get a weekend anymore. I am pretty much always working or i have a concert or 2 on the weekend which means a lot of driving!

this weekend-
  • I have to work 11-7 today and then IMMEDIATELY after work I have to drive 1.5 hours to my parents house in RI (not to mention I drove to RI Yesterday for rehearsal (there goes all my money this week on gas))
  • Tomorrow I have a concert at Faneuil Hall in Boston tomorrow. We are taking a coach bus though so I don't have to worry about driving, parking, traffic, or getting lost (which w/ my superb sense of direction will most certainly happen). Then I will drive home and relax for the remainder of the day
  • Sunday, I have to work in the morning and then I have to drive to Thompson, CT for yet ANOTHER concert and that is about a 2 hour drive from Cape Cod.
so.... Pretty much, I am in the car/bus, working, or playing a concert all weekend.. no relaxation for Haley. I am going to try to take pictures this weekend. I have this really nice new camera that Christopher bought me the night we got engaged (I refer to it as my "engagement camera") that I don't use as much as I should and I want to try to be better at taking more pictures.


  1. What bugs truly freak you out? I really don't like ticks or yucky flies. Ticks especially since they are everywhere here on the Cape.
  2. Which Bugs Bunny cartoon do you remember most fondly? Anything the has the roadrunner in it, or has Elmer Fudd..I miss those days of violent cartoons w/ real cartoon characters
  3. What bugs you most about your life online? I want to be part of all these different "Communities" but I'm not.. I don't know though.. maybe nothing really bugs me about my life online...
  4. Which of your favorite websites seems often to be especially buggy?yahoo mail.. thats why I want to switch to g-mail... pluss Google is way cooler!
  5. When were you last too sick to get out of bed?*cough cough* ooo right now.. it looks like I really should go back to sleep... *cough cough*
Happy Friday Everyone!


major over haul

Again... I think the only think I will continue to change would be the colors I finally found a really neat layout. Miss Sara at Little Rhody Girl mentioned the place she got her new layout and I had to have one. I really like the layout, just maybe not the colors just yet. Its a work in progress.


Happy June

I really can't believe that it is already the beginning of June. Time has gone by so fast, I feel like Christmas was like a week ago hehe. I think that the warm weather has finally began to stick around as well. Why is it that time is moving so fast? Is it because I am getting older and everything just seems to speed by now? is it because I am continuously busy and don't have time to sit around and do nothing? I just don't know but it is weird.

ok well I'm gonna go for a nice walk and then shower and hang around before I have to go to work.
has a splendid day everyone!