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becoming a homemaker??

I finally cleaned my room today! Since Chris and I moved into his moms house in February we haven't really organized our room and were just throwing things on the floor or anywhere else there was open space

Today... we end this vicious cycle of messy-ness!!

all the clothes are off the floor.. shoes are in their proper place and all old mail/ important paper work is off my dresser and somewhere that will be eventually sorted through and filed (in some manner). Our room in TINY so any kind of mess makes it look TERRIBLE. I need to be a better cleaner.. I despise it.. there is soo much I would rather do than clean but as part of my future wifely duties I should learn to enjoy it.However, Christopher n eed tos get better at it too! All the mail thai I moved.. guess whose it was.. and ill give you a hint! It wasn't mine!!! When we get out own place I would like to invest in organizational things so that even if we have a lot of junk around.. it wil be organized atleast!

oh.. and in the process of cleaning I found:
  • many socks that I have not been able to find
  • My watch that I thought was gone for ever!
  • camera charger
  • A book of stamps
see.. maybe I should do this more often!


Tamela said...

I despise cleaning too, but I am neat does that work?!

Anonymous said...

Cleaning stinks, but at least you found some treasures! Hahah, that made me laugh. Good stuff today.

JAMIE GRAY said...

I love when you randomly find stamps!! I ALWAYS need stamps!

Anonymous said...

Check my blog, got a surprise for ya!