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so busy!

I have been crazy busy this past week. I'm sorry that I haven't posted in a while or left any comments. I just haven't stopped. My sister graduated on Monday. It was actually really kind of cool. She went to The met and for their graduation they say what each student is planning on doing and what school they are going to next year as they come up for their diploma. One of the requirements for graduation is an acceptance to a 4 or 2 year school. Some of these kids are really quite accomplished, and these are mostly inner city providence kids so that is saying a lot. two kids in the graduating class won the Gates Millennium Scholarship, which is more than any other school in RI.

Last night I went to the BBC with my friend for some pizza and trivia. It was FANTASTIC. I had so much fun!

Today Chris and I went to look at an apartment. It SEEMED promising. 1000 a month every thing included, lofted bedroom.. You know it sounded great. We got there and one look was all it took. the outside was clearly in need of repair, which is not a big deal but its nice when the place looks good. We got inside and looked around and it was TINY. totally NOT worth the 1000 a month. PLUS there was another apartment attached to the house (aka the other half of the house). It was just not good at all. On top of that we asked about our cat and he said "well I would like another deposit for the cat". I asked how much he would like and he replied with "$500". So that means we would pay first, lasts, $500 security AND $500 for the cat. I don't think so!

Next week is our busiest week at work so I'm working long shifts and lost of them. Hopefully the rest of the summer will stay busy. Hopefully i will be back and posting more again now that things have somewhat calmed down.

Off to RI for a concert!

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Tamela said...

I hate how landlords try to rip you off. To move in the apt we were thinking about would have been 1,500 dollars. I think not!!