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sad and frustrated

Chris is feeling burned out. It makes me really sad to see him this upset and frustrated. He works so hard and he feels like he isn't getting anywhere. I just feel so helpless. I feel so selfish for wanting him to get a teaching job. I know he wants to perform and teach privately, it just isn't gonna work right now. one needs to pursue their dream when they can afford to do so. I don't think it is worth it when we are barely making ends meet. Its the economy, its the timing, its the location. It doesn't help that I am still in school. I would love to put school on hold to be able to fully support him in what he wants to do. We still live in his moms house because we cannot yet afford to be out on our own. *sigh* I just don't know.

On a not so sad note- we are going to Tiki Port w/ some friends from work tonight. I like getting together with the people I work with outside of work. They are so much fun. Tomorrow I am getting my new ink. Totally excited!! I have been waiting to get my 2nd tattoo since... well,,, since I got my first one!

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M.J. said...

While we don't share the same story, it wasn't easy for Jack and I starting our lives together either. When he was finishing school and working nights we never saw each other and we fought when we did. Then, he got laid off during his last semester at school. We scraped by for a while with me paying most of the bills. It has been getting easier though--slowly. Jack has started a teaching job, we actually have similar schedules and we are living more like a family. I'm sure the same will happen for you.