They like me, they really like me!



So, I never though I would enjoy teaching anyone anything but tutoring is actually really fun! I have had some students that come really prepared and koe exactly what to ask me. That makes what I am doing so much easier. I can directly answer them and give a specific answer. I have also had some students that are slightly clueless. With some of them that's ok because I can do an over view of what they have learned and kind of review with them their notes. Some of them its bad. They are getting a head of themselves and did seem to do any reading or any work on their own. I am enjoying myself though. I love seeing that light bulb go off in their head! Its also an awesome review for me. I like being able to keep my knowlege sharp.

plus.. If I dont have any appointments, I can get some of my own work done, like I did today!

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Sara said...

good for you! I am glad you are enjoying the tutoring!