They like me, they really like me!


I love my days off

I really do! I love not having any deadlines to meet, I love not having to be anywhere, and I REALLY love not having customers in my face. What I don't love is that I never have anything to do. No errands, no friends that are not working, nothing.. I would almost RATHER be at work. Heck I would rather have homework to do than nothing at all.

for some exciting news- Chris and I bought our tickets to Florida in November!. We are going to Disney for the Food and Wine Festival!!! I still need to get my park hopper pass (which im hopping my mom will get me for my Christmas gift!) and we are ready to go!


for the love of pictures said...

Days off from work are like little gifts. Who from? I don't know or care; I just enjoy them while they last. It does suck when you have nothing to do, but try to enjoy it anyway :) Catch up on some reading or sleep or silly daytime TV shows :)

Sara said...

don't worry the homework is coming! haha

Tamela said...

Enjoy your day off!! Sounds like a fun trip to Disney! I'm working on getting my passport for our cruise in march!

Yankee Girl said...

I just found your blog and wanted to say hi. I just added you to my reader!

I used to have nothing to do on days off, then I started writing a book, and now it seems that I don't have any days off!