They like me, they really like me!


My legs hurt

Yesterday for the most part was a good day. Chris and I went to my parents house in the morning and then we went to the beach with my family and my sisters boyfriend. It was a really nice day and it was the first time I actually went to the beach this summer.. I know, sad. I put sunscreen all over myself except my legs.. usually my legd don't burn so I though... "I want my legs to look tan instead of this pasty white so i just won't put sunscreen on". Bad idea. I guess since my legs ARE so pasty white I just burned lol. It hurts. Then we all ment back to my house and waited for my aunt and cousin to arrive because we were celebrating my cousin's 16th birthday! It was nice because I don't really see them that often. Then the anxiety comes. Everyone starts talking about buying a house and paying for the wedding and going to school.. everything that has to do with money and everything that I just can't afford. I just can't handle it. I am barley surviving, not to mention we are a couple are just above water. I was pretty much upset for the rest of the night and went straight to be when we got home... I feel like I have no control over some parts of my life, and I feel lost. I feel like I don't know how to do this "grown up" thing and it scares the crap out of me...

hopefully today is a better day


Yankee Girl said...

I wish being a grown-up came with an instruction manual. Too bad it doesn't. My husband and I are just above the water as well and every day it's a struggle.

Do what you can afford. Try not to worry about anyone else other than yourself. Do what you need to do for you and no one else. Hang in there. It does get better. And easier.

Sara said...

being an adult totally sucks...i'll drink to that!