They like me, they really like me!



So Christopher wants to go back to school. He has a degree in Music Ed, which in this current situation is not doing him any good. He wants to go back and get an associates in IT. I want him to be able to have a degree in something and be successful. Music ed is not a good field to be in right now. All the vacancies from teachers retiring are not actually being filled. What most districts out here are doing is just taking a teacher they already have and placing them into that empty spot as well as have them do what they were doing before. I don't know if its our location or if it is simply the economic climate right now but he is having no luck. What frustrates me about this is that we were going to be trying to move out next spring. If we are BOTH in school (even if he is part time) where are we going to come up with the money to move out? How is rent going to get paid? On top of all of this, I now have to start paying for my health insurance because my dad has been laid off. I am covered until September but this now means that about 60 dollars a week are coming out of my paycheck to pay for my health insurance. no to mention I pay 50 dollars a week in rent (cheap I know but I don't make much to begin with). There is no way for me to work 2 jobs during the school year.

I think from now on I am only going to keep $150 in my checking account and all extra for the week is going straight into my savings account (minus $50 for rent and whatever bill needs to be paid at the time). I need to do something to start putting a lot of money away. I need to figure out how much i can actually save to see what I can pay in rent every month.

*sigh* I need a drink


Sara said...

that does sound stressful! hang in there girl I know you will make it! does he want to go to NETech?

Tamela said...

Just take deep breaths and hang in there. You will figure something out.