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Moving forward

Life has been really good lately. In a few days we will have been in our little house for a month and this first month has been awesome. I was afraid money was going to be tight but in reality we are doing really well. We paid rent early, we are not going hungry and we have a few pennies to spare so that we can have a good time :).

In other news, Wedding plans are beginning to finally take shape. We made some major decisions about what, when and where we will be getting married and I am really excited! We will be booking the Roger Williams botanical Gardens for out Ceremony on August 28, 2010! We are still looking for a place to do dinner for the 30 family members we are inviting. We have some place we are looking at but nothing definite yet. i am kind of sad that we cannot invite everyone we want to, however the budget just will not allow for it. so to remedy this, we are hoping to have a fun casual bbq style party either some time before (like an engagement type party) or some time after the wedding. this also has not been fully decided yet but hopefully that will happen within the next few months.

While we are on the subject of marriage, I have been working really had to find my identity as a fiance and future wife. I am trying to figure out what it is that I am supposed to be doing differently now that I run a household and wil soon be Mrs. T. One of the things that has most bothred me is that I don't cook much. I dont LOVE cooking, eventhough I LOVE eating hehe. I also don't have a ton of time to cook. I kind of felt like a failure because of this. However, for whatever reason, I have come to realize that it ok. Chris really like to cook and he is around to do it. the way we do things works for us and I am sure that these jobs will change as our relationship changes and grows...

I can't wait to see what life holds for us :)


M.J. said...

What a gorgeous place for a wedding! A lot of my friends have had wedding ceremonies just for immediate family members and close friends, with a casual reception at their family's house afterward. I think it's a great way to include everyone on a budget.

____j said...

OH! I wanted to have my wedding at the botanical gardens close to where I live, but there was too much at risk. Here, you don't get your money back if it rains on the day of, and they won't reschedule you, either. You have to pay a whole nother deposit, and hope they have another day available. Also, they wouldn't let us set up tents. I hope your place has different rules, though.

Just go with the flow and keep having fun!

Haley Dawn said...

well... this is actually a green house so we are good rain or shine. but yeah i wouldn't go w/ them if that was the case. Welcome to my blog BTW!!

Christy said...

Aw, don't feel like a failure. I also don't particularly like cooking nor can I come up with many things to cook. Looking at a cookbook is a stressful thing in itself-- "that recipe needs HOW many ingredients????" But the other day I had actually mentioned something to my husband about how I wish I liked cooking more and I feel bad because I suck at it... He said a true statement: "We are who we are." And it's so true. Maybe one day I'll end up liking to cook. I don't think my sister really liked cooking until several years ago, and she's in her 30s.