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what a couple of days

I had quite an eventful couple of days. This past weekend was my bestest friends 21st birthday! It was fantastic to see her and our other best friend. I became heavily intoxicated and had a fabulous time. My drink of choice- Captain and Coke (those who know me best knew that)

While I was home I also went to the green house where my wedding will be. It just makes me so excited to get married! I wish that I didn't have to wait until 2011! but I do realize that we decided to wait so that we can save sufficient amount of money to have the wedding that we want. My darling Christopher still needs to talk to his parents about their contribution. I just have so many ideas floating around and I really just want to start planning this stupid thing.

what else did I do... I worked.. boy was that miserable. For some reason all the rude people decided to come out and play tonight. I was not know what- the customer is NOT always right. I just cannot wait till I have my RN degree! I wish people realized that a little kindness can really go a long way. I guess the majority of Americans have no idea what manners are.

not much super interesting, I'm still getting used to this thing

have a nice night and remember- just say please and thankyou!

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Sara said...

haha I don't want to be the bearer of bad news but that kind of BS doesn't change when you become and RN sometimes. In that way the Patient is always right haha!