They like me, they really like me!



I really enjoy Thursdays. I have one class at 8 AM (ill have more about that one in a second) and i get to go home to see my mommy and i get to play my french horn. I dont get to play much anymore because of my lack of space here.. and bc of my niece who is usually asleep whenever I am home. I don't have to work and I can pretty much do whatever it is that I want on Thursdays. and let me tell you.. i certainly need it.

Ok so about my class this morning. It is a developemental psychology course that meets at 8AM. Its a good class to have to be up that early for. So I get to class and my teacher aparently is not here but we still have to stay. She gave us an assignment to do that goes along with the movie she left for us. and the movie we had to watch- "The Miracle of Life". Boy did that wake me up this morning!. I was not prepared to watch a woman give birth on tv at 8AM this morning!
you can wath it here if you like!

in other news: Octuplets

so sad, but what can you do. It is very hard to point fingers in this one, but who says fingers need to be pointed?

oh ane one more thing- everyone needs to try out It is the most amazing thing I have ever found (thanks kyle). it is a radio station maker/player that you control! It is sooo cool!


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