They like me, they really like me!


french horn and my cat

I am so happy to be playing my French horn again! It finally has its fun factor back. When I play, I feel like I am expressing my emotions and really playing the music. It feels so good again. It is like being reunited with your long lost lover. The one person that understand you and that you can rely on (yes I am still talking about my French Horn). I love getting lost in the music and listening to all the harmonies going on. And gosh darn it- I still have it! Even after not playing for almost 6 months I haven't lost it! I actually think it has made me a better player.

On another note... my poor cat has abandonment issues I think. Since my niece and nephew have been gone all week he has been really lonely because no one is home all day. I have never had a cat the really likes to be around people and snuggle as much as he does. I want to get him a friend.. but I know that would never go over well here!

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