They like me, they really like me!



so, I guess I and going to try this blogging thing. I always like to have a place to rant and rave about life, or just update on what is going on in my own little world.

so what is going on?
Well I'm still going to school for nursing. im busting my butt trying to get A's in all my classes so that the powers that be in the nursing heaven like me enough to let me in. I still work at Shaws as a cashier. Its a nice easy job for while i am at school over using my brain. I dont get to actually do much because i work and go to school too much but thats ok, I am making a little money atleast.

I guess that is about it.. not much huh.. thats ok atleast im happy and i have my Fantastic Fiance around <3


Monkey said...

you're off to a good start; nice color choices.

Sara said...

I'm excited to use this to keep in touch! welcome to blogger!