They like me, they really like me!


so excited!

Sooo.. my best friend Kayla and I are taking a trip to Florida for about a week! I am so excited! We are going to stay at my cousin Donna's house. She has an extra car we can use and she is like sooo close to the beach its unbelievable! first things first- we book the tickets. I left that to kayla so ill just pay her back the money next time I see her. so... other things that must be done

1. start going to the gym again... just so I feel a little better in a bathing suit. Ill start being good again starting tomorrow morning. I want to go 4 days a week like I was before.. but ever since I started this semester.. I havnt been going like I should be.

2. Get a bit of a tan so I don't burn while I am down there. I know, I know.. bad thing to do.. but I want to look good lol

3. Save up some spending money- I don't think we will have to spend that much down there becasue we are not getting a hotel. We can just go to the market and get stuff to eat and cook.

4. Find my bathing suit... this is the part I'm not happy about lol. I don't really like being in a bathing suit but I love the beach. Hopefully going to the gym will remedy that.

ok well off to work to make some money for my trip!


soon to be MRS. K said...

Florida is the place to be..its a little chilly here now!!

I just found your blog and really like it.

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Sara said...

when are you going? :jealous: :-)