They like me, they really like me!



ok ok... so I may be a blond again! (I am LOVING it by the way!) but this person could not have been serious:

I went to starbucks yesterday with my sweetie for some sinful treats. I was looking and I got excited that they have light frappacinos! I was concerned thought because I really try to avoid artificial sweetners at all costs. So I asked the guy behind the counter, "What makes them light?" I was assuming I would get a "well, it has light cream in it" or "oh we use some type of artificial sweetener"  no no... this is the answer I got:

me: "What makes the frappacino light"
boy: "Well its our light mix and it has 1/3 less calories"

UM DUH! I CAN read that on the sign. I was just like... really? you don't know WHY its light?

eventually I got the answer and was told that it is artificial... so I ordered a regular
I tried I guess
 That must be how people feel when they ask me where the ice cream is and i politely tell them "The aisle with the freezers"

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