They like me, they really like me!


Something that really bugs me

I hate when people walk into my store 2 minutes before it is closed and proceed to shop as if no one is trying to go home. Like, I am ALL about customer service. I do everything I can to make sure my customers are happy. But really, its 9:58 and we close at 10.. what is SOOOO important that you need NOW that you cant get at 7am? I want to go home at 10 not 10:05 and so does the rest of the people I work with.

In other news:
1. The Penny has been doing AWESOME with training. even after the first day there was a huge difference in her behavior. I now enjoy walking her because there is not constant pulling. I can't wait to bring her back on Friday and teach her something new :)

2. I am considering a career path change. When I was in middle school I really loved computers. I wanted to go to school for computer science. I am not thinking that maybe I will get a degree in IT w/ a focus on web design/ development. I am going to start teaching myself HTML and maybe putting a test website together to see if it something that I enjoy still. I like design elements and I think I know what looks good and what doesn't. I guess the really thing is; is there money/ jobs in the field? I certainly do not want to work for myself. I am not into running my own business, but I would love to work on a team for a company. Who knows, everything really depends on what happens w/ Chris and if i get into the nursing program or not. Food for thought. If anyone has any info that would be awesome!

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Sara said...

I have been really interested in that as a way to add things to my layout to my blog myself, so if you learn anything please teach me!!!!!

p.s. I really hope you get in!!!!