They like me, they really like me!


work work work

I have such mixed feelings about working...
but don't we all

I like to work. I really like to make money. I have a good job and work with some pretty cool people and its easy and flexible. I go to school full time too, so I would like some free time to do school work.. since that is more important. But doing school work does not make me any money at this present time.

But alas, I have to do both

It just gets tiring. I have to deal with the public and try to make everyone happy, don't you know the customer is always right? Not to mention I live on Cape Cod so I deal with a lot of tourists and people that don't speak English so they have no idea what I am trying to say to them(boy does that get tricky) I have to break out my hand gestures and try to use really basic terms... needless to say they still don't get it. So this week and next week I have over 30 hours. Its fantastic because I really need the money, seeing as I am trying to fund a wedding and save money for a place to live.. and pay some bills... but I only have one day off in each 7 day period... bummer. PLUS- everything from school has their deadlines around now since there are only 4 weeks left in this semester. I guess there will be some late nights coming my way.

Speaking of 4 weeks left- they cannot come any faster! I need a break I need the time to really take care of myself and get things in order. like i said I really should begin losing those 10 pounds.. hopefully after tomorrow (Easter) I will being that adventure *officially*

on the wedding front- I found this cute store called colorful creations and found some paper to use as wedding color inspiration. The lady that works there is fantastic and the prices are pretty reasonable. That was a fun experience!

ok off to work from 3-11! The night before Easter- do you think it will be busy?

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