They like me, they really like me!


friday 5

So I figure what is better to do on this BEAUTIFUL sunny/ semi-warm day than answer the friday 5
  1. What’s the most annoying sound in the world? I REALLY hate chalkboard scratching more than anything in the world
  2. Which of other people’s mannerisms do you find very annoying? My fiance puts things in his mouth while he is talking to people, like his sweatshirt strings and things like that.. that drives me nuts.
  3. What do you do that really annoys others? I probably talk to much
  4. In what way has your own behavior recently caused you annoyance? I get way too stressed and worked up about things, it drives me nuts bc I can never relax
  5. Who’s the most annoying person you know? I have a few customers at my job that drive me a little crazy

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for the love of pictures said...

Happy Friday Haley Dawn :) Great list, and I agree - chalkboard scratching drives me nuts too.