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taking care of myself

Because school has me all crazy all the time, I don't get to take very good care of myself. I eat kinda crappy because I don't have time, I don't really do my hair in the morning most days, and I always wear jeans and a t shirt. However, my biggest thing right now is that I really need to drop 10 pounds. I want to look beautiful in my wedding dress, and I want to feel that way too! Plus, my wedding is really my major motivation since I have been trying to do this forever. When I started college I was 155, since then (almost 3 years) I have gained 11 pounds so to get back there, or beyond, would really be fantastic.

so I have made a decision..

starting today (since I had to have my Easter candy hehe) I am really going to begin focusing on losing weight. No more junk food, no more soda, and I am going to try and red a little running in 3 days a week. I can't run really far outside but I am going to work up to it. I need to do this for myself so that I can finally be happy with myself. I am hoping that by actually putting this into words I will really do it and it will be a constant reminder and encouragement.

well, off to school for the day, and then to work tonight.. fun fun


for the love of pictures said...

Hi Haley,

I saw your comment on 20SB 'We Love Comments' and decided to stop by.

Congrats on your engagement :) and congrats on setting the goal. I set a similar get in shape goal and joined a gym. Now I just need the willpower :)

Cassie said...

Congrats on your engagement and good luck losing the weight! I know how hard it is!