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wedding and such

I was sooo nice out today! I sat outside doing homework while Christopher raked the lawn. and let me tell you, that was no small task, the lawn looks like it hasn't been raked in YEARS! The sun was nice and warm on my face and Chris now looks like a lobster hehe.

in other news- I was told today by a reliable source, that the admissions department had the list for the nursing students. I don't know how I feel about this. I keep saying that I won't be sad if I don't get in, but you know what, I may go into complete Nervous Break Down mode. I just have no idea what emotions will go through me at the point. Hell I might get IN and still go into a nervous break down.

Chris and I are going to see a place for our wedding 0n Sunday. It is the Kinney bungalow, it is really pretty and its a good price. I hope we like it when we go see it. This wedding has been a real decubitus ulcer on both of our backsides. We are so torn about doing this the "right way" and have a nice (but not necessarily expensive) wedding or just kinda get married and throw a kegger. I really like the kegger idea and so does he because for us to put out thousands of dollars does not make a ton of sense because we just don't have it. However, we have firend and family that will be traveling some distance if the so choose to come and we can't rightfully ask then to come from NJ or CA for a BBQ... Plus, my mom seems to really want us to have a nice wedding and it will just save a lot of headaches and heartbreak if we do.We have had some really unpleasant fights about it and it really has not been a fun experience trying to plan this thing. I thought planning a wedding was supposed to be a good time and fun.. I don't know I just hope Sunday goes well.


for the love of pictures said...

Happy Friday Haley,
I hope that you get the decision that you really want from the admissions committee :) I also hope that you guys love the place on Sunday and wish you both smooth sailing with the rest of your wedding planning :)

Tamela said...

I wish we had some nice weather. It has been so rainy and icky. Kinney Bungalow looks beautiful. If it is like the pictures show, I am sure you will love it! Wedding planning can be stressful and not always fun, but thats what make couples last in the long run.

In an effort to get to know you better, I tagged you in 8 things.

Christine said...

The planning is the worst part, but the day is absolutly worth it! You may regret not having the wedding of your dreams. Budgets can be kept in neat little ways to satisfy even the Mom! Happy planning!

On a side note... I really miss the Cape!