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The Woes of Retail

so 3-11 last night- it was slamming, all the way till closing, if you would believe that. Who knew people had to do a full grocery shopping at 1045 pm on a Saturday. I know I could find a whole lot of better things to do.

customer one:
Manager- ma'am we are close its 1055 please make your final selections.
customer (with baby)- *nasty attitude* I still have 5 minutes!

see If I were the manage I would have said no we go by my watch and my cashiers (being me hehe) Have to go home promptly at 11! so please make your final selections and head to the checkout department. but alas, that did not happen and there i was at 1101 cashing said customer w/ baby out.

and this one REALLY gets me
Manager- "attention *company name* shoppers, the time is not 11 pm and we are officially closed

while the manager it saying this another customer walks through the door (someone must have let this bi**h in bc all the doors were locked) and proceeds to find her items..
so here i am at 1105 STILL standing at my register waiting to go home while this person, who i guess could not wait till 7AM today to get her freaking groceries, is shopping.


gotta love retail!

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