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reality check

I had a doctors appointment yesterday and to say the least.. I HATE going to the doctors. Every one that I have had tells me in one way or another that I need to drop some weight. Yes, I know I am not as slender as I should be, trust me, it is painfully obvious every time I look in the mirror. I was finally getting to the point where I could be comfortable with my self and embrace my curves the way I should and then yesterday happened.

My blood pressure was high

It was she scariest feeling I have ever had. Was my weight finally effecting my health? I am a nursing student so I am well versed in the damage that high blood pressure can cause. And believe me, I don't want any of those things. I really think this was the kick in the ass I needed. It is no longer about how I look, or the skinny jeans that I just WISH I fit into. It is about my health and well being. I NEED to drop some pounds now.

Today began my journey (that has been begun and forgotten about many times). My husband and I bot agreed upon a gym schedule that works for us. I know that he and I are more likely to continue if we do this together. I am also using for fitness and nutrition tracking. Actually putting in some thought about what I am eating and having to record it really makes me pay attention. I don't really have a major weight loss goal at the moment. Just getting healthier is my main objective.

I can do this!
I will do this!
I am doing it!


Sara said...

I'll support you 100% keep blogging about it. My friend here did Jenny Craig and lost over 50lbs and loved it. Weight watchers too. Don't give up YOU CAN DO THIS???

Sara said...

I meant !!!!!!!

Haley Dawn said...

Thanks Sara!!! I needed that!

____j said...

You can definitely do it! Just don't give up on yourself. I believe in you :)