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fun day filled with music, friends and Cinnamon raisin bread

Today was a loooong day. I didn't get any exercise in today but that is ok. I worked for 5 hours yesterday so I think that will count for today. Chris had church this morning so I went along. Him, our new friend and I have found this AWESOME place to have breakfast afterwards so that is what we did. It is called Good Friends Cafe. Can I just say- If you are ever in the area, please go! Their food is to die for! They make cinnamon raisin bread home made and corn beef hash also TOTALLY home made! The bread.. its like a food-gasm for your mouth.

After that Hubby had an Italian recital to do with his on and off voice coach. He had a lesson last week for something different and his teacher said hey come do the Italian recital... in a week. I am so proud or Christopher. He is so talented and listening to him sing make me fall in love with him all over again.

I made this for dinner tonight :
not my photography

Super yummy and easy to make! I might make the dressing in a large batch and put it on salad it was so good! I think I figured out one of my "issues". I eat because I like the taste of something, not out of hunger. I had half a pita and it was definitely enough for me but I thought to myself... "That was sooo good I want the other half".. I had to stop myself and think. Was I hungry? Not really. I just want to taste it some more. I need to learn to control that part of me. The part that really just enjoys food for no other reason that it tastes good. Why eat it if I am not hungry? Why have one more bite if I don't really need it. Tomorrow will be a bright and early gym day filled with finishing up some work before I go back to school and then off to my job.. that i love (not) oh so much.
see you on the flip side :)
*go confidently in the direction of your dreams* live the life you've imagined*- Thoreau

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Those pitas look so yummy!!