They like me, they really like me!


I had a really good work out this morning. The hubbs and I woke up at 530 this morning and were at the gym by 6 am! It was fabulous! I am really enjoying waking up early and getting a work out in. I have been working on the couch to 5k program because one of my major goals is to run at least one 5k this year. I WILL DO IT. I feel almost this compulsion to run. I just want to be running all the time and I have no idea why. It is hard and it hurts but when I am done the feeling is amazing (even in I only ran for 8 out of the 30 minutes). I have the cardio part down, I just really need to work on my strength training. Weights are like a foreign language to me, I understand the concept yet I am to self-conscious and unsure to use them. I have been watching different videos online and building an easy mini weight routine that I can do.

I feel the momentum and it keeps me pushing on in this quest.


____j said...

Keep up the good work, girl!

white scrubs said...

That sounds good! and that's a very good start, been to gym also and follow the fundamental instructions that my instructor had for me. And now I'm doin it at home and track the exercise program that isn't complicated if you follow some basic guidelines. Cheer.