They like me, they really like me!



School is done! No more papers for a very very VERY long time!

Retrospectively, I am really glad I took the accelerated english (1/2 101, 1/2 102 in one semester). Even though It was a TON of work on really short deadlines, I think I gained a lot out of the class. The teacher was really quite interesting and I learned a writing process that will probably help me a lot in papers to come. It also means that I never have to take another English class as long as I live hehe.

In other news, We are supposed to get a TON of snow today. Cape Cod never gets snow, but it looks like its coming! I hope I don't get snowed in at work! That would be miserable. Tomorrow I will baking probably close to 9 dozen cookies :). Chris and I decided that we were giving cookies to everyone for Christmas because we didn't really have the money to purchase everyone gifts. I like cookies better anyways :)

ok off to work for the day :(

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____j said...

home made gifts are always the best. especially if they involve sugar! :)