They like me, they really like me!


Amy from The Relentless Bride Is taking the challenge. I thought that since I am getting married in 9 months *Giggles like a school girl* I would do the same. i need to work on my fitness and push ups will really help w/ my problem areas. i thought this would be fun and easy so here goes!

They also have a sit up challenge which i might try to tackle as well. one thing at a time though right?


____j said...

Good Luck! I wanted to try to do something similar, but I kept saying 'Oh, I'll start tomorrow.' And here we are a week before the wedding. Oh well :)

Sara said...

I saw this blog post today (look out because there are about 50 new Little Rhody Girl posts comming your way this afternoon) and I am going to also try it. I would love to do it with you and we can chat about our experiences and keep eachother motivated!

Let me know!