They like me, they really like me!



It is so amazing to be living in my own place. This is so exciting! Chris ans I have been together for close to 3 years and we are so exciting to finally have our own place together! I feel almost like Martha Stewart in the sense that I really like the iea of running my own household and making my own rules and cleaning and cooking and decorating. Things that until recently I had no desire to do any of. I also has made me super aware of everything we do. I make sure all lights are off. If im not in the room, they are off. We shut our computers off at night. We are making sure we pack a lunch because we can't be buying food all the time. I have really begun to appreciate all of the things I have. We have more money than we did before, but we certainly do not have a lot of money. Usually I would be freaking out about not having any money... actually I was freaking out. However, I have realized that we will be ok. We just have to be smarter about what we do and be more careful about what we spend on. I am actually totally ok with just making it. We have to start somewhere don't we?

Here's to jumping into the being pool of "real life" feet first!

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Christine said...

This is your first place together alone ever? Its am amazing feeling!. Good luck and I am glad you are enjoying it. I moved back in with family so that I could concentrate on school. But it added more stress. So after 11 months we are moving back out and I can't wait! I miss my stuff and I miss decorating too! Now if only I can get my kids and husband to turn the lights out when they aren't in a room! LOL