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Doing Laundry

We did our laundry for the first time at the Laundromat up the street. It was a kind of interesting expeience. We walked in and the woman running the place had us weight our laundry. We had a total of 46 pounds of laundry... thats a lot of dirty clothes. The she directed us to the monster of all washing machines. I mean it was HUGE! It held 50 pounds of laundry!. So we washed everything all together and that took about 40 minutes. Then we dried everything, but we had to separate everything into 3 different dryers so it dried faster. It was pretty painless except for the fact the whole ordeal cost about $10. It was nice because we just got everything done all at once instead of having to do a bunch of different loads of laundry. What was funny was that it was us and 3 or 4 older and I am assuming single, men. It was like the laundromat was their Sunday night hang out. I am hoping that maybe we can go more than a week w/o doing laundry because I don't really want to spend $10 a week doing laundry.

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for the love of pictures said...

The machine could hold 50lbs of laundry? It must have been massive - wow :) I missed doing laundry this weekend, so next weekend is going to be painful.

Have a wonderful Monday!