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January is coming

When January gets here I will officially have 18 months till my scheduled wedding. I say scheduled for a couple of reason. First of all, we actually booked a place and have an official date. so technically it is scheduled. Secondly, however, I am having a lot of trouble deciding whether or not we can really afford to have a "real" wedding. we have $2000 saved up in the bank currently and we wanted to ask our family for about $2000 a piece. The problem is that right now my dad and Chris' dad are both out of work. How can we rightly ask them to help us when they are just barely floating right now? Will I be happy just having my closest family and friends come to the courthouse to see us get married and then have a house party of some kind? I think so because for me it is not about all the wedding frills and it being perfect and "what every bride needs". For me it is about Chris and I confirming our love and commitment to each other and out family. the problem is... what about my mom. What is she gonna think, what does she want to do? I am sure we will be able to get our deposit back (and if not oh well). I will still wear my dress because I will still be a bride.

I am just so torn up about this, I need to talk to my momma.

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M.J. said...

I think you can have a beautiful wedding on $2,000--or even less! I think it's nuts that some people spend that on their wedding dress. A dress they were just one time.