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This whole wedding this has been much to stressful as of late. Christopher and I cannot agree on ANYTHING, and all we have done is fight. I really don't like to angry towards him (since I'm not angry at him because it is not his fault). The whole stupid issue is money. We can't really afford what we want and any sort of down sizing is unacceptable to me (not that I want a giant fancy affair, but i would like it to be nice). I was really hoping to do it in 2010, but because of the money thing, we are probably going to have to wait until 2011 like we had originally planned. It just feels so damn far away. I just want it to happen, I don't know why, I just do. I love him and I am committed to him so it doesn't REALLY matter when the big day is, as long as it comes.

The other stress: losing another 5-10 pounds. When I started URI I was 154. I gained over 10 pounds from that date to today and I NEED it to come off. School has me such a mess right now though, I can't even focus on that. PLUS we get our letter from the nursing department at the end of next month! I have atleast another 30 days until I know wether I am in or out. If I'm in FANTASTIC! Lets get this show on the road! If not, thats ok. more time to make money and finish gen. eds. While I have time. Plus I can plan my wedding next year for some time in 2011.

Going to study- Microbiology test next week.. fun fun


Sara said...

i understand that planning a wedding can be SUCH a stressful time. If you want to try opening a joint account and each of you can put a little in each week/month until the big day (that's what we did). if you keep up with it you could have a sizable chunk of money by the time you guys get married. (FYI: you're gonna have to cut a few things), decide NOW what means the most to you and keep it down to 2-3 things (I chose photography, food and music) and as you know, I made ALOT of stuff myself. do you know I got a lot of good ideas from the "budget brides" on that site. wow this post is long, MISS you! GOOD LUCK and e-mail me sometime!!

Sara said...

P.S. that nursing school would be CRAZY not to take you, let me know what happens!!!!!!!!!!!!