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relaxing time

This crazy week is finally done. I Have finished all of my midterms and all that is left is work tonight and a concert in Providence, RI tomorrow. Then I finally get on a plane with my best friend of like.. 16 YEARS and spend a week of relaxing in the sun in Florida. I have been anticipating this all week and it is finally here. I feel like I can finally take a deep breath and turn my brain off and give it the rest it deserves. Unfortunately, When I get back I have quite a few major projects that will have to get finished in a matter of a few weeks so, the brain will be on overload once again. Oh the cycle of school hehe.

enjoy break everyone and I'll be sure to post pictures from my trip when I get back!

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OverlandSi said...

Ah, I love that feeling when you can just have a few weeks off and not think about anything. I hope you can forget the upcoming projects enough to actually have a good break.

Happy Travelling
Overland Wannabe