They like me, they really like me!


Hard hats required

So the outside of my house is a construction zone. They are digging up my roas and putting in drains. I also think they might be widening the road (but that might just be the road next to mine). The working men seem to be having a good time but golly is it a mess over here. and it happens to be right at the end of my drive way!

not to mention that the roads in this neighborhood are a mess! TONS of pot holes and at one point right after the winter the road was basically crumbling to pieces. Lets hope this fixes the problems :)

In other news:

we have this customer that comes into the store. they will come in and buy things with coupons which pretty much means that ther are getting some stuff for free. they will then come in later with the item that the "purchased" with the coupons and returns it. never has a receipt and their excuse is always "I bought the wrong one". When someone returns something withough a receipt I have to give them store credit. Not a huge deal I suppose because they HAVE to use the store credit at our store , however they are being given store credit for something they didn't PAY for. Nest time they come in and there is a manager there I am to call them down so that they can deal with this scam artist. Yes we have caught on!!!!