They like me, they really like me!


Finally something to talk about hehe

I turned 21 on Saturday!!

It was such a good night! My best friend Kayla and some of my very close friends from URI came up to celebrate with me. It was pretty liberating to be carded and order drinks at a restaurant. And boy were they good! In light of my recently becoming legal I though I would do some drink reviews lol.

Bad: Del's lemonade with vodka
The recipe calls for 2 cups ice and 1 cup water so they talked me into putting 1 cup vodka instead of the water. BAD BAD idea. it tasted like vodka and I don't like vodka. next time ill do 1/4 cup vodka and 3/4 cup water I think that will be better.

Good: Cozumel Coolaid
Its orange soda and some kind of liquor w/ some other stuff in there and it was really quite good.

Really good: Screaming Banana Banshee
It was like a banana daiquiri it was delicious! I LOVE banana and it tasted almost like banana cream pie. I will certainly get another one of those when I go out lol

Awesome new find: Sweet Tea Vodka
I guess this is huge down south but its kinda new up here to us northerners. We mixed it with some iced tea and it was AWESOME! If anyone has any other ideas on what to do with this awesome liquor let me know bc i really like it.

My favorite everyday beer: Sam summer
I mean what is not to like about it?? it has a really nice not offensive flavor and throw a lemon in it and that bite is GONE. I love to have one on a hot day, or any day for that matter hehe.

Hopefully life will begin to get more interesting so i can actually have things to tell all of you but lately it has just been work, work and more work.

I am trying to get some plane tickets to go to Florida in November. last time i looked south west was kinda expensive :( hopefully the price will go down! Tomorrow Chris and I will be going to the Barnsatble County Fair. Ill be sure to take pictures bc that should be fun!

Talk to everyone soon please leave me some love so that I know you haven't all left me!!

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